Top Gag Gift Ideas for Men and Women 2013

White Elephant Gift Ideas for 2013

While searching for the best Christmas gift don’t forget to take a look at all the great gag gift ideas that 2013 has to offer. While there’s certainly no shame in getting a standard gift like a pack of golf balls or some socks, why not get a funny gag gift that will make everyone laugh?

A Christmas tradition that we have in our household each year is to hold a white elephant gift exchange. These gift exchanges are some of the best we have each year and have a variety of gifts from live chickens to over-scaled lingerie. We invite our guests to wear the ugliest sweaters that they can find and from there we have the best Christmas party of the year. Have we ever offended anyone? Sure, but then we knew who shouldn’t be invited next year. Here’s a look at some of this year’s top gag and white elephant gift ideas.

Top 10 Best Christmas Gag Gifts for 2013

1. Christmas Story Nightlight

Yes, it’s a major reward and this version won’t break your wallet either. Give the gift that keeps on giving with the Christmas Story Nightlight.

2.Talking Naughty Farting Santa Doll

Yes, the talking naughty farting Santa Doll does exactly what you think it does and if you pull his finger you’d better be ready. He’ll tell you everything that you’re going to get for Christmas this year.

3. Tootin Tushies Farting Reindeer Ornament

It’s true, around here we enjoy potty humor – literally. The greatest part about this ornament is that it can be part of your ugliest ornament contest or simply used as a white elephant gift. Farts Christmas tunes in a way that you’ve never heard them before. You’ll be blown away with the Tootin Tushies farting reindeer ornament.

4. Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Let’s face it, you’re getting older and so is Dad and sooner or later like a Boy Scout he’s going to need to be prepared. This extra set of Emergency underpants can get your loved one started in the right direction. One size fits all! Warning, if you give this out then you may need to use these right away.

5. Big Mouth Toys Funny Toilet Paper: Obama

Whether you like the President or not it doesn’t really matter because his face on toilet paper is still funny. Oh yes, he does it right, this toilet paper is 3 ply extra thick and soft.

6. CSB Bill Clinton Corkscrew

Yes, the jokes old, and overplayed but this corkscrew is still funny. The corkscrew also works really well, seems like he’s had a lot of practice, wink wink.

7. Flingshot Flying Barnyard Chicken with Sound

Here’s an inexpensive gag gift that even your kids will love. Simply flick it and it screams. For under $3 it can’t be beat. It’s also available for many other animals.

Also See…

8. Control Your Woman Remote Control

9. Fake Turd Gag Gift

10. Polly the Insulting Parrot

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the top gag gifts of 2013. All of the above items are available on Amazon. If you did, then you can also check out my post on the best white elephant gifts.

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Best White Elephant Gift 2013

If you’re going to a white elephant party this year, then it’s important to bring a gift. This year I’ve come across some really funny new items that I think you’ll love.Potty Putter

It’s always good to give out a gift that you’ll actually use and since I can’t get my wife to buy me this I thought I’d recommend it as a white elephant gift this year and it’s sure to get a lot of laughs. Now if I just had my own bathroom I might be able to use it.

The potty putter comes with the golfing green which doubles as a toilet wrapper, 2 golf balls, a putter, and a flag stick. Perfect for working on those foot long putts.

Emergency Underpants

Another really useful gift you can give out is this pair of emergency underpants which are especially useful during “situations” that you can’t control. They come in a handy dandy tin and contain a single pair of unisex underpants.

Here’s a helpful review of the emergency underpants describing how useful they really are (sorry I had to include it but it’s worth reading I promise):

“I cannot sing the praises of Emergency Underpants enough. These have quite literally saved my life on many an occasion, and I owe everything I have to them. It all started late 2002, as I had just gotten home from a long day of slaving away at my job. I had passed out cold on the couch, when the oven I had forgotten to turn off earlier suddenly filled the house with deadly gas! Luckily, I had a packet of Emergency Underpants in my pocket. The brave underpants dragged me from my home, my 2 cats, and even called 911 for help. But that’s not all! On many separate occasions, Emergency Underpants have: – Performed CPR on my mother
– Saved a school of orphans after their boat sank
– Rescued 235 stray dogs
– Brought my dead grandmother back to life for Christmas
– Single-handedly stopped a 5-alarm apartment fire using only 1 gallon of Tuscan Milk
– Saved the life of at least 3 Presidents from yacht accidents/pretzel mishaps
Need I say more?
Buy at least 45 packs of Emergency Underpants at once. You will never regret them, Trust Me!”

Yodeling Pickle

Yes, it’s my dream of owning one too and the greatest part is you don’t even have to teach this one yodeling. The yodeling pickleyodels at command with a push of a simple button. I had been looking for a yodeling pickle for many years and now that I’ve found it my life is complete.If you’re looking for a homemade white elephant gift, then be sure to take a look at our homemade white elephant gift section above as well.WTF? StampEvery once in a while you get an assignment or paperwork handed to you at work that doesn’t make any sense. There’s only one stamp that can handle this type of paperwork and it’s not denied, pass, or even wth.. it’s the WTF stamp.

Control a Woman Remote Control

Don’t worry ladies the control your man remote control is available as well. The great thing is it really works. I have one of these at home and all I need to do is point the control a woman remote control at my wife or Mother and Poof! Instant obedience.

Disclaimer: Ok. You’re right, that was a lie and it actually tends to backfire; however, it’s still a lot of fun.

Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank

The economy has been really difficult this year and it’s in times like these that we need to remain calm and take our economic future seriously. This Fanny shaped bank will help you do just that. Who can help but save that extra penny when you know in the back of your mind that it will make a humorous noise upon placing it into this cleverly designed money bank. So start saving up now! This bank is sure to bring us out of the depression.

Switchblade Mustache Combs

This year the molestache is more popular than ever and you can encourage your loved ones to stay with the trend by purchasing this awesome switchblade mustache comb which is both fun and practical.

Metal and plastic combs come out at the simple push of a button.

Bacon Scented Car Air Freshener

Want to know the worst part about bacon? You can’t take it with you every where you go, until now! This bacon air freshener will give you the smell of frying bacon every single morning.

Flying Flingshot Monkey With Sound

This is a simple gift that this year provided a lot of laughs. Simply fling the Flingshot monkey and it’ll make hilarious monkey sounds. My kids love them too and they are available in lots of styles including; Flying Cow With Mooing Sound, Flying Barnyard Chicken with Sound, Slingshot Flying Pig With Oink Sound, Flying Duck With Quacking Sound, Slingshot Flying Frog, and more!

Instant Excuse Ball

Perfect for Dad’s who spend too much watching football, Mom’s who talk to much on the phone, and gaming fanatics the instant excuse ball takes the difficulty out of lying and gives you an instant excuse for every one of life’s situations. Works just like a magic 8 ball.

What have you come across in 2013?

What has been your favorite white elephant gift of year’s past and what do you plan on giving out this year? Leave a comment below!

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White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules and Ideas

Each year my wife and I hold a white elephant gift exchange party (usually around Christmas) and invite our best friends from around the neighborhood. Because this has become such a large tradition for us I wanted share a few ideas and rules that we have that make this party one of our favorites each year. What’s a White Elephant Gift?

A white elephant gift is a clever, naughty, or funny gift that you make or purchase. Some of the funniest gifts are those that you bundle together or have to wear.

White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules – Basic

First invite some of your funniest friends. They can be in couples or singles just make sure that everyone has a gift. Give them a price limit – around $20 for a gift should be more than enough. Setting a price limit makes everyone feel comfortable and makes people be creative. Once everyone arrives with their gift have them sit in chairs or sofas in a circular fashion and put all of their gifts (anonymously) in the middle. Pick someone to go first. We usually use the closest birthday or invite new guests to be first as their initiation. Once the first person has gone go around the circle clockwise and have everyone choose a gift. When its their turn they can either choose a new gift in the middle pile or choose to steal someone else’s gift. If they steal someone else’s gift, then that person will need to get a new gift out of the middle. Once a gift has been stolen 3 times it is usually considered “locked” or off limits. If you have a few friends that are a little more shy than others, then you might consider having everyone pick a gift first and then trading so that they have to open something. When the circle has gone all the way around we usually like to let the person who had to go first make the final gift exchange as a reward for all that punishment.

Optional White Elephant Exchange or Yankee Swap Rules

Share it, then wear it:

Assign a few people in your crowd to purchase something that can be worn by others. Whoever then picks that gift has to wear it! We’ve had anything from oversized superman underwear to thrift store lingerie come our way so as you can imagine this can be quite a funny twist! The key is to make everyone as uncomfortable as possible.

Ugly Sweater Theme:

You remember that old sweater that Grandma sewed for you that had more hanging off of it than on it? Have everyone find an ugly sweater and wear it to the party. Last year we had a few people take their sweaters and knit various patterns on them – including this one pictured to the right which one of the women in our party knitted for her husband. Little did she know she didn’t follow the pattern and put antlers on both of them – now that I think of it maybe she did know…

Homemade White Elephant Gifts

Some of the funniest gifts that I’ve seen are homemade. Instead of having everyone purchase a gift you can have them come up with something creative made up of what that they have lying around the house. This takes real commitment for some people so you may want to try it the second time you hold a white elephant party! You can take a look at some of our homemade white elephant gift ideas in the tab above! We’re always looking for new ideas so be sure to leave a comment with what you came up with.

Vote for the Best White Elephant Gift / Ugly Sweater

We like to give out a trophy for the best white elephant gift. Have everyone vote by putting the name of the gift they thought was the best in a hat. Once you tally them up, then announce who the winner is (you might have to ask whose gift it is). We also like to vote for the ugliest sweater and give out a prize.

Board Games for Your White Elephant Party

We have a few board games that seem to work really well with our party each year. Here are a few of them:

Boxers or Briefs:

This hilarious game is like the adult version of Apples to Apples and its made by the same people. Everyone takes a turn, rolls the dice, and then people around them choose a card, based on the dice that they think is funny or true about the person who rolled the dice. That person then chooses the funniest and truest answer from the cards. The person who gets 6 funny or 6 true answers first wins the game. Here’s what one owner of the game said about it:

“It was tame enough to play with my mother-in-law while at the same time dirty enough to play with my friends. You do need to plan your sips of drink carefully. Also, head to the bathroom BEFORE the cards are read. I look forward to playing this game again and again. LOVE IT!”

We also like to give this game out as a “trophy” prize for the best white elephant gift or ugly sweater.

White Lies:

Another game we like to play is white lies which forces half of your party to lie and half of them to tell the truth. Each person is asked a question and then has to lie or answer with the truth based on what they were assigned. Whoever can tell who is lying and who is telling the truth first wins!

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